The Karwan-i-Ilm Foundation (KIF) heartily welcomes you in this space. A non-government educational welfare organization, the KIF has been providing financial assistance to destitute yet shining students of Pakistan, irrespective of their colour, creed, race and gender, primarily to encourage their talent and help them sail through their higher studies since 2003.

Established with an exclusive aim to Save and Promote Talent of Pakistan, the KIF is being run by a working body (Executive Committee) comprising luminaries like S.M. Zafar (Chairman), of the foundation, Ghulam Ahmad Bimbal (Sr.Vice.Chairman), Dr. Aijaz Hassan Qureshi (Secretary General), Ehsanullah Waqas (Vice Chairman), and members of executive committee are Mr. Altaf Hassan Qureshi, Mr. Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami, Mr. Ayub Sabir, Ch. Fazal Hussain Akhtar, Mr. Nadeem Shafique and Mr. Jahangir A Jhojha who all are patronizing the promotion of education and recognition of talent regardless of their political or ideological affiliations.

The Executive Committee manages all affairs of the KIF. The foundations accounts are annually examined, audited and cleared, so that donors or any other person desirous of checking the utilization of donations or obtaining any other update regarding KIFs past or current pursuits could embark on a virtual tour of the foundation merely by clicking respective options available in this space.