Teachers Training

Education plays pivotal role in development of a nation and teacher is the person who imparts education to help people illuminate their insight and understanding. In developed countries, practical steps are taken to hone the capabilities of teachers and to reward them for their hard work.

In developing country like Pakistan, employing latest techniques and studies has become indispensable to enhance the capabilities of teachers to impart standard knowledge and skills to the young lot.

The training of teachers has attained the status of a full-fledged academic discipline and it has become imperative to give training to teachers according to latest requirements.

Realizing the situation, the Karwan-i-Ilm Foundation, in collaboration with some welfare institutions like Iqbal Academy, Indus Foundation, and Centre for Human Excellence, launched a nationwide free teachers training drive entitled Teachers training is path of national development in May 2009.

Under this programme, sixteen workshops have been conducted in nine cities in which thousands of teachers have been imparted classroom management, latest teaching techniques and leadership management courses.